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Wrestlemania 28 Rundown with Special Guest J.J. Dillon (3/29/12)


2012 WWE Hall of Fame inductee J.J. Dillon is our special guest for this Wrestlemaina themed episode - he talks WM28, finding out the Four Horseman are going into the HOF, Ric Flair's status with TNA, the Rock/Cena match and much more! Plus the Jerks run down the Wrestlemaina card and play HOF Mad Libs with Ron Simmons, Undertaker makes plans with Shawn Michaels for April 21st, Cena Tweets, Rock gets ready with Curt Hawkins, plus Vince McMahon and the new WWE writers plan out the top matches for Wrestlemania 29

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Macho Man Lives! (3/8/12)


Vince McMahon explains why Pat Patterson won't give you your finishes, Undertaker scares THE Brian Kendrick, TNA wrestlers get drunk at the Double Tree, The New York Post disses the WWE Network, Jeff Jarrett goes on Spring Break with James Franco and Selena Gomez, Major League Lacrosse gets Tazzmissioned, Warrior screams f**k a lot at a band you've never heard of, and we feel the Macho Madness one more time...

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The Funkasaurus Reappears (3/1/12)


The Jerks attend a WWE Raw house show live at Staples Center in Los Angeles where the "Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay reappears (with only one dancing girl!), Chris Jericho gets TPed, and little kids love watching John Cena beat the hate out of Kane. Plus, Goldust is disappointed when Cody gets a new WrestleMania match, Stone Cold Steve Austin's Package takes over Canada, The Iron Shiek makes Hogan, Warrior, and some very lucky ladies humble, plus Triple H and Undertaker promise to go all the way.

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"The Canadian Stampede" Gets Jerked (1/5/12)

Curtain_Jerks_007The jerks bust out Marc's old VCR to review "WWF In Your House: The Canadian Stampede" from 1997. Spoiler alert: it's still awesome. In this episode, the guys offend some Canadians, the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth isn't Vince's, pre-One-Night-In-Chyna Chyna, Mankind hurts himself yet again, Japanese wrestlers actually existed back then, Vader desperately wants to know who the man is, the Harts (even the crappy ones) have a family reunion, last words from Paul Bearer, Vince, Shamrock, Hawk, Animal, and Goldust, and we get exclusive access to Ken Shamrock's in-ring audio. 

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WWE Conspiracies Revealed (12/29/11)


It's a special New Year's edition of Curtain Jerks as the guys look ahead to 2012! Watch out WWE... TNA's secret plans to launch a Network of their own are leaked (including great new shows like "Good Eats with Samoa Joe", "The Garrett Bischoff Experience", and "The Dixie Carter Twitter Feed") Plus the full Wrestlemania 2012 card is revealed including the Undertaker's opponent and Daniel Bryan's title match. And Jesse Ventura exposes the biggest conspiracies in professional wrestling! "The Body" tells the truth about what Shane McMahon is really doing in China, the mystery of the Raw GM, and how former Vice President Dick Cheney is involved.

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