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Macho Man Lives! (3/8/12)


Vince McMahon explains why Pat Patterson won't give you your finishes, Undertaker scares THE Brian Kendrick, TNA wrestlers get drunk at the Double Tree, The New York Post disses the WWE Network, Jeff Jarrett goes on Spring Break with James Franco and Selena Gomez, Major League Lacrosse gets Tazzmissioned, Warrior screams f**k a lot at a band you've never heard of, and we feel the Macho Madness one more time...

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The Funkasaurus Reappears (3/1/12)


The Jerks attend a WWE Raw house show live at Staples Center in Los Angeles where the "Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay reappears (with only one dancing girl!), Chris Jericho gets TPed, and little kids love watching John Cena beat the hate out of Kane. Plus, Goldust is disappointed when Cody gets a new WrestleMania match, Stone Cold Steve Austin's Package takes over Canada, The Iron Shiek makes Hogan, Warrior, and some very lucky ladies humble, plus Triple H and Undertaker promise to go all the way.

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John Morrison Interview Pt. 2


Pro Wrestling Superstar John Morrison joins the show to talk about the WWE, a mishap live on Raw with Charlie Haas and Lillian Garcia, how Tae Kwon Do helped (and hurt) his skills, and John busts out his Drew McIntyre impression. Plus the guys discuss what Jesse 'The Body" Ventura knows about The Rock and Osama Bin Laden, WWE jobs has another exciting opening, Ultimate Warrior turns his website into wrestling's Amercian Idol, and Hulk Hogan's electrical weiner is runnin' wild...

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Neil Edwards
Yet another great show from the hilarious Curtain Jerks good going guys.
Saturday, 11 February 2012 01:40
Michele Villery
Loved the interview!!!! John is a riot!!!! Great stuff Curtain Jerks! ... Read More
Thursday, 16 February 2012 23:24
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