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Podd Socks - Episode 20 - Hooker Stories


On this episode of Podd Socks we talk about Reincarnation and what we would come back as if possible. Jack educates us on how reincarnation is actually true on a Scientific basis, as in our atoms are recycled in other things.

Kris wishes he could be a stay at home dad and talks about a news story regarding the intelligence of some parrots. Would you rather be pecked to death or set on fire? Ben talks about the legality of prostitution in Australia and how as adults we all lie and fake our way through life.


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TOC #039: The Episode That Should Not Be

Yes Travis pouted all last week and claimed there would be no shows this week, but he manned up and this is the result.  First up Brandi hates her name and has horrible ideas on what would make a good name.  Then Travis tries to talk about his awkwardness but Brandi hijacks the segment and starts talking about how it’s possible to catch a dog face and that people might turn into cats.  Travis just calls her crazy and yells “science” a lot.  After that Travis finally talks about his public awkwardness, how elevators are really tiny dance studios and what he wished happened when that guy at the gym thought Travis winked at him.

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Tiny Odd Conversations

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