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The Sunday Service Presents: A Beautiful Podcast - Episode Eighteen

Sunday Service Arms


Welcome! Do you have a reservation? None required! In fact, there's always space for a listener at The Sunday Service Arms. Craig Anderson returns as host (and concierge) to guide you through the many amenities of the Sunday Service's quaint country boutique hotel.

Each member has taken on a rustic, provincial persona to fully submerge you into the halcyon atmosphere that is the SSA. Granted, there are a few kinks to work out, so while you wait, enjoy the entertainment provided: Scandinavian cartography, moist themed suites, stellar twitpics and the return of Monsieur Chatchien!

Here at the pastoral Sunday Service Arms we strive to go "Above and Beyond"!

Special Guest: Mike Fly (General Fools)

HEY! The podcast's been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award!

VOTE for us! Polls close on July 29th. Hurry! http://canadiancomedy.ca/

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