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Podd Socks - Episode 90 - Age of Mayweather

Would age of Ultron have been better if Floyd Mayweather joined the Avengers?

Ben, Kris and Jack are here to discuss the Avengers Age of Ultron with a movie review. What worked, what didn't and what was rubbish!

Meanwhile discussion turns to the second royal baby and what would've happened if Princess Diana had a child with Dodi. Would it be an Italian greasy prince?

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Vince Loves Stiff Competition (5/10/12)


Triple H gets called to explain getting caught in Las Vegas no selling his broken arm at the Mayweather fight, Paul Heyman makes a surprise return on Raw, your #jerktweets get answered including who would win in a match between The Red Rooster vs The Gobbledy Gooker, the Jerks went to see TNA live in Ontario, CA and give a full break down of the show, WWE.com has a poll on what the new tag champs R-Truth and Kofi Kingston should be named, Stone Cold Steve Austin gets his own reality tv show featuring redneck challenges, and Vince McMahon reveals how intimate his relationship was with The Ultimate Warrior.

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