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Episode 74: Faith D'Amato

Come To Your Senses Hey everyone, welcome to yet another episode of Come To Your Senses with Carlos Jaime! Actress and fearless flight attendant Faith D'Amato joins me to see the trailers for Careful What You Wish For with Nick Jonas and Central Intelligence starring The Rock and Kevin Hart. We talk about her new life in the skies, my fear of flying and a Warcraft funeral. I even tell Faith the heartbreaking story of Pete Best. So sad! There's also a quick News of the World segment starring two idiots protesting an empty Target store about their new gender neutral bathrooms. Come and take a listen and have fun. Also donate to my friend Rani Sanderson's cross county trip on horseback on foundinlost.com.

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THINK LIKE THE MOVIE SHOWCAST TOO (w/Andy Cobb & Maribeth Monroe) - "Jersey Boys" & more

Showcast Episode 55: This week's new movies couldn't be more different as a sequel ("Think Like a Man Too"), a Broadway adaptation ("Jersey Boys") and an Australian indie film ("The Rover") get the business from The Movie Guys, with help from Andy Cobb and Maribeth Monroe. Plus, a look at other singer and rock group's potential translations to a Broadway show.


The Movie Guys are Paul Preston, Karen Volpe, Adam Witt & Lee Kias

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