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The Funkasaurus Reappears (3/1/12)


The Jerks attend a WWE Raw house show live at Staples Center in Los Angeles where the "Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay reappears (with only one dancing girl!), Chris Jericho gets TPed, and little kids love watching John Cena beat the hate out of Kane. Plus, Goldust is disappointed when Cody gets a new WrestleMania match, Stone Cold Steve Austin's Package takes over Canada, The Iron Shiek makes Hogan, Warrior, and some very lucky ladies humble, plus Triple H and Undertaker promise to go all the way.

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WWF VHS WrestleMania Game Gets Jerked (2/16/12)


The jerks bust out the old VCR and play the WWF Wrestlemania VHS Game!  It was made between Wrestlemania IV and V and it's nearly impossible to play. Marc stalks Disney characters, Hulk Hogan takes on the Honky Tonk Man, Andre the Giant is clearly drunk, Steve works on a big important Hollywood project, the crew watches some awesome 80's wrestler clips, a woman announcer existed at one time, and Hogan takes Harley Race out!

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