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All American Joint Swagger (2/22/13)


The Shield shocks everyone at Elimination Chamber, Desk Sergeant Dale Caalhooon recounts the arrest of Jack Swagger, the new WWE Championship looks like a super hero emblem, the Aces and Eights President reveals a lot more than what's under his mask, Stone Cold Steve Austin says Tough Enough is done, your #jerktweets are answered including "Inspired by Swaggs awesome new music, what are your favourite and least favourite theme music?", WrestleMania XXX is going to Mardi Gras, Jack Swagger makes his one phone call from Biloxi Mississippi jail to Curtain Jerks to get bailed out, and The Iron Shiek with Adamantium Shieky Baby Baby goes up against the Jack Swagger in the Survival Debate in The Race To Curtain Jerks GM.

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The Disappearance of the Funkasaurus (2/23/12)


Brodus Clay is missing from WWE Raw (so the Jerks call back his Momma), TMZ reports that John Cena is part of the 1%, WWE CEO Vince McMahon is sad about WWE Diva Victoria/TNA Knockout Tara, Impact Wrestling President Dixie Carter might be on Xanax, ROH star Chris Hero gets KOed in FCW, Kane limbers up using DDPYoga, the Jerks answer listener questions from Twitter, and Triple H wants you to learn Spanish...Ole!

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