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"Half Past Dead 2" Gets Jerked! (12/7/12)


Straight from the Curtain Jerks vault, comes the pulse-pounding review of Half Past Dead 2! The Jerks subject themselves to Goldberg's cinematic masterpiece! Hear! Triple H and Goldberg on a camping trip with their fictional daughters! Hear! The Jerks do an in-depth film analysis!  Hear! Steve mis-prounounce tater tots!

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Kiss Cena, Goose Sting (6/21/12)


Ken Doane gives the inside scoop on John Cena, wrestlers and Hollywood make a great tag team, Mike Tyson takes WWE '13 by force, Brett and Steve give their WWE No Way Out review, your #jerktweets get answered including "If a Curtain Jerks movie were made, which wrestlers would portray the Jerks?", and Sting takes time out from shaving a goose to share the latest news on Ric Flair and the lawsuits between WWE and TNA.

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