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Booker T


Booker T, WWE Hall of Fame wrestler, is the special guest on the podcast this week. Booker T talks about working with his family, the new holiday Booker T Day and his promotion Reality Of Wrestling. Plus, wrestlers using Siri, announcers hooking up with the ladies, Miz's Dad is impressed with Zack Ryder's first win on Raw since 2012, Texas wrestling making a comeback, your #jerktweets are answered including "With a new Nation Of Domination style stable being hinted at with Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston and Big E, what stable would you bring back and update?", and Vince McMahon is furious about Adam Rose and his Exotic Express.

Summer Of Champions iPPV
Reality of Wrestling is proud to announce that it will be holding its first ever Internet Pay-Per-View, Summer of Champions, on July 26th in Humble, Texas. It will be available for viewing online at www.realityofwrestling.com starting July 27th at 7 pm CST. Watch Reality Of Wrestling online for free on www.youtube.com/bookertrow and full episodes on Soul of the South Network www.ssn.tv

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Blood Lesnar (5/3/12)


This podcast just got EXTREME! Brock Lesnar and John Cena bring back the blood to professional wrestling, we ask Booker T about who else besides Brock is a "legitimizer" in the WWE, the tag team race war continues as Kofi Kingston and R-Truth win the WWE Tag Team Titles, more #jerktweets get answered including who the best valet is, the Jerks ask Hulk Hogan about what they'll be seeing at the TNA house show they're attending, and Vince McMahon gets interrupted during his stockholders conference call.

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Become a WWE Corporate Summer Intern! (4/12/12)


TNA Lockdown vs WWE Extreme Rules, Hulk Hogan wants revenge on the Three Stooges and Will Sasso, Daivari ruins the Curtain Jerks movie, #jerktweets get answered, WWE's first Asian referee tricks everyone, 10 big matches with Brock Lesnar (?!), Booker T is ready for Starrcade, The Bella Twins wish WWE well in its Future Endeavors, and find out how you can become a WWE Summer intern!


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John Morrison Interview Pt. 2


Pro Wrestling Superstar John Morrison joins the show to talk about the WWE, a mishap live on Raw with Charlie Haas and Lillian Garcia, how Tae Kwon Do helped (and hurt) his skills, and John busts out his Drew McIntyre impression. Plus the guys discuss what Jesse 'The Body" Ventura knows about The Rock and Osama Bin Laden, WWE jobs has another exciting opening, Ultimate Warrior turns his website into wrestling's Amercian Idol, and Hulk Hogan's electrical weiner is runnin' wild...

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Neil Edwards
Yet another great show from the hilarious Curtain Jerks good going guys.
Saturday, 11 February 2012 01:40
Michele Villery
Loved the interview!!!! John is a riot!!!! Great stuff Curtain Jerks! ... Read More
Thursday, 16 February 2012 23:24
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When Hogan Met Linda (12/15/11)


Kane returns to WWE Raw as a welder, 62 year old TNA lover Ric Flair wants $100,000 to take your young impressionable 17 year old daughter to the prom, Hulk Hogan and Brutus Beefcake take a break from oiling each other up to sue Linda McMahon and Frankie, Team Extreme is 4Life, 1/2/12 Countdown (!?), ROH Final Battle love, and Booker T's pyro might even be better then a Side-Walk-Slam! .

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