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Podd Socks - Episode 92 - Imaginary Murder

Have you ever had an imaginary friend?

A man in Florida has turned himself in to police after brutally murdering his imaginary friend. Kris, Nathan & Jack discuss his mental state and what happens to mistreated imaginary friends.

Meanwhile as a 30th birthday looms the lads come to terms with their own mortality. 



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TOC #025: Stealing Batman Earrings While Listening To Subliminal Messages In Music

This week we start to get into the holiday spirit because, well, it's December.  Also it seems everywhere we go holiday music is playing.  Travis talks about how he heard there are subliminal messages in music you hear in shopping malls and stores.  Soon he is recounting a tale about his 9th grade self who (allegedly) stole some Batman earrings from a chain store.  He also cut his own hair and wore acid washed jeans so his choices during this time were far from perfect.  Even a tie-dyed shirt and the King of Pop make an appearance in this story so it's a grab bag of holiday fun for all.  Next up it's time to talk about Brandi's birthday since she was a December baby.  But first she decides to sing a song while Travis is out of the room.  Thankfully it was recorded and we start off with that nugget of awesome.  Eventually it's all about the trials and tribulations of growing up with a birthday close to Christmas.  Apparently it makes you want toothbrushes and pedometers as gifts once you’re an adult.  Finally we end with some good ol' Christmas stories about caroling.  Brandi thinks carolers aren't real but Travis proves they are by revealing he was in fact a former caroler.  Will winter wonders never cease?

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Tiny Odd Conversations Theme Song (feat. Eric The Announcer)

Subliminal Message by Happy Birthday

Heat Miser by George S. Irving

The Carols Those Kids Used To Sing by The Statler Brothers

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Tiny Odd Conversations

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