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Want to improve your fantasy stats? Hit the web forums, jerks! Want to laugh for a half-hour at the ridiculous state of sports? You found your podcast. Comedians Joel Anderson, Jordan Pomaville, and sports outsider Phil Ranta score some comedy sports headlines, sketches, and interviews.

4 The Hunger Games

The Lions are the kings of the jungle.  Headlines: Lions are 5-0, Tim Tebow takes the Broncos, NBA still not happening, Sydney Crosby cleared for contact. Sketches: The Sandlot, Bad Pitcher.  Weird Sports: Man Versus Horse Marathon. Valiant Prophecies: Lions v. 49ers, Cowboys v. Patriots, Arizona St. v. Oregon, Oklahoma St. v. Texas, Michigan v. Michigan St. 

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3 Are You Ready for Some Offensive Remarks?

The sports world gets PC as the NBA gets MIA.  Headlines: NBA still probably not happening, Hank Williams Jr. is no longer ready for some football, Brett Favre disses Aaron Rogers, Robin Ventura manages the White Sox, no more Rays fans, a squirrel ruins baseball. Sketches: Slamma Jamma, FIFA 2012.  Weird Sports: ‘Ice’ Hockey. Valiant Prophecies:Lions v. Bears, Oklahoma v. Texas, NHL predictions: Swampbugs v. Santa Clauses.

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2 Missing Sox w/ Jacob Harper

Comedy writer Jacob Harper (Top Story! Weekly) talks Cardinals, Cardinals, and Cardinals.  Headlines: Red Sox and Braves self-destruct, NBA still locked out, Paralympics update, and Detroits mobile strip club.  Sketches: Nascar schedule, Ozzie Guillen’s first press conference as the Marlins’ manager, Donovan McNabb post-game.  Weird Sports: Cow Fighting.  Valiant Prophecies: Tigers v. Yankees, Rangers v. Rays, Phillies v. Cardinals, D-backs v. Brewers


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1 Tony Romo's Delicious Ribs w/ Rick Paulas

Writer Rick Paulas (Wired, ESPN.com, Vice.com) talks fandom in LA, the Chicago White Sox downfall, and Fantasy Sports.  Headlines: NFL faking injuries, Tony Romo's punctured lung, Mike Madano retires, peewee Ultimate Fighting, another LeBron James award, NHL concussions, WNBA M.I.P. award.  Sketch: Mariano Rivera's 602 Major League Save.  Weird Sports: Toe Wrestling.  Valiant Prophecies:  Oklahoma State v. Texas A&M, Wisconsin v. South Dakota


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