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Stories.Everybody’s got them.Funny, Cuz It’s True hosted by writer/comedian Kevin McGeehan is a bi-monthly storytelling show recorded LIVE at The Second City Hollywood in Los Angeles.People sign up on the night of the show and are randomly selected to come up on stage and tell a five-minute, TRUE story based on the theme of the night.This podcast is a mixed bag of some of the best ones.

Episode 29 - Crime

The theme of this episode is Crime, three stories of pederasty, robbery, and sororicide. Jessica Svendsgaard discovers startling evidence as to what she is capable of, Jaime Moyer finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Kevin McGeehan gets a call from the police that makes him incredibly insecure.

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Episode 28 – Fitting In

The theme of this episode is Fitting In, or more specifically, Not Fitting In. Josh Callahan gets insulted by a Tony Award winning actor, Carl Tart gets distracted by a majestic whale tale, and Kevin McGeehan gets inducted into the world of red-headed step-children.

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Episode 27 - Miscellaneous

The theme of this episode is Miscellaneous – three completely random and unrelated stories. Marcus Kowal discovers that Hell hath no fury like a drunk woman scorned, Seth Weitberg gets interviewed for Al Jazeera, and Kevin McGeehan comes very close to screwing up his mother's birthday.

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Episode 26 - Caught

The theme of this episode is Caught, three stories of dicey predicaments. Keith Reay gets caught in a closet, Jessica Lee Williamson gets caught in a lie, and Kevin McGeehan gets caught at a nude beach. Be sure to subscribe to Funny, Cuz It's True on iTunes and please rate and review!

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Episode 25 - Failure

The theme of this episode is Failure, that annoying and necessary travel companion on the road to success. Laura McGhee tries to have a polite relationship with her stalker, John Banks learns to not get married after two months of knowing someone, and Kevin McGeehan confronts a heckler. Be sure to subscribe to Funny, Cuz It's True on iTunes and please rate and review!

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