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The Sunday Service Presents: A Beautiful Podcast Episode 17


Step right up! Step right up!
That’s right, it’s the SSIE (The Sunday Service Interior Exhibiton)
Kevin Lee guides you through the rides, midway, freak show, agribition and so much more at the Sunday Service’s provincial state carnival.
With every ticket, you’ll get access to occult artifacts, anachronistic history, confusing electroclash concerts and a bunch of tons of stuff! You might barf!!
What you waiting for?! Get in line!

Special Guests: Mark Chavez (Pajama Men) and Andy Bush (PicnicFace)

HEY! The podcast’s been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award!

VOTE for us! Polls close on July 29th. Hurry! http://canadiancomedy.ca/

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Twitter: @abeautifulpcast

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