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Episode 44: Joe Donatelli

Humor columnist/journalist Joe Donatelli joins The Fort Podcast to talk about Joe's article slamming The Fort, the time Joe and Mike spent as roommates, how Kevin plagiarized a Steven King novel, Ed's old poems about wizards, "Punky Brewster" and drugs, "G.I. Joe" and watching chick flicks. Joe's humor columns have appeared in many publications including The Los Angeles Times, Scripps Howard News Service, Brides, Dame and Cracked. Donatelli hosted the long-running "Second Column Podcast" which ran for two hundred episodes. Joe has also shared the stage with many great comedians performing improv and writing and performing in sketch shows and videos. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Joe perform three radio sketches: "Barely 30" written by Joe Donatelli, "A New Life" written by Ed Galvez and "Video Game Addiction Group" written by Kevin Ford. Stick around for more fun with the guys in "The Fort Wrap-Up" where Ed recaps the six year anniversary of his show "The Punk House." Follow Joe's writing on TheHumorColumnist.com." Also, you can follow Joe on twitter at @joedonatelli.

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