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Episode 41: Anne Gregory


Comedian/actor/writer Anne Gregory (MTV's "Punk'd," NBC's "Parks and Recreation," HBO's "Funny or Die Presents") joins The Fort Podcast to talk about working on "Punk'd," marriage, Mike possibly having sex with Barbara Walters, Anne's definition of baseball sex terms, late sex bloomers, Ed's teeth falling out, doing shrooms and going to "The Price Is Right," having a dog and Anne's creative way of getting fired from a job. Kevin, Ed, Mike and Anne Gregory perform two radio sketches: "Not Your Time To Go" written by Ed Galvez and "A Good Cause" written by Kevin Ford. Stick around for "The Fort Wrap-Up" as Ed talks about his experience seeing the summer blockbuster "Battleship."

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Comments 1

Phil Ranta on Sunday, 27 May 2012 09:43

When are there going to be more episodes of "Where's Kevin?" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When are there going to be more episodes of "Where's Kevin?" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!