Tuesday, September 02, 2014
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On This Episode:
- 2nd Amendment
- The Seahawks Did What?
- This will make sense in about 10 minutes.  Check out the show!
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To cosplay, or not to cosplay... that is the question!

Ben, Kris and Jack talk about the possibility of going to the Australian Comic Con this year in Sydney, and the big name celebrities that are headlining the event.

Meanwhile theories are put forth on how Earth would react to first contact with an alien civilization.

The popularity of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is discussed and comparisons are made to a similar campaign that first launched in Australia called Neck Nominate.






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Showcast Episode 65: Actresses Sarah Butler and Caitlin Keats stop by The Admiral's Club to talk movies and their new film "Treachery", plus Board Op Jaimie joins in for previews of what's new in theaters, including "As Above, So Below". And "The November Man" prompts an exclusive interview with an honest-to-goddamn-goodness SPY, risking outing his identity to give The Movie Guys the lowdown on the real-life spy world.


The Movie Guys are Paul Preston, Karen Volpe, Adam Witt & Lee Kias

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This week Nick and Jim discuss the idiot woman suing the show Naked Dating and VH1 for showing too much of her naughty bits, how America is losing its Burger King to Canada, why we feel the need to give everything a "day" such as National Dog Day and much much more!


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This week Nick and Jim discuss the protests and riots in Ferguson, MO, the #ALSIceBucketChallenge, Nick's brush with a no nonsense doctor, and much more!

 Find us online at www.americanfatasspodcast.com!

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