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When you are a comedian who is looking for a podcast that is geared more towards your social circle, Stuart Goldsmith’s Comedian’s Comedian podcast is what you are looking for. For up and coming comedians (or anyone interested in comedy) few other podcasts are going to be able to give you the insider information into the world of comedy as the Comedian's Comedian can. Goldsmith takes the listener on an insider journey of what it takes to take joke from the planning stage and manifest it into a live performance. This bi-weekly podcast centers on in-depth interviews that feature some of the most praised comedians who are currently working the circuit. Enlightening and often hilarious stories give an honest view of what it takes to make it in the world of comedy.

Goldsmith started to become noticed after he was a finalist in various comedy contests. After he had landed a few television roles he started preforming stage shows that were receiving a high level of positive praise from critics. Like most comedians, Goldsmith had to deal with the same annoyance that many comedians have to deal with: controversy. After the show Prick had its title censored in the Edinburgh Fringe Guide, Goldsmith had to deal with the backlash that came from it.  After the controversy passed, Goldsmith joined fellow comedian Richard Sandling becoming a popular comedy duo, while continuing to compete in different comedy contests.



Since launching his podcast The Comedian’s Comedian, the show has grown to be around 100 episodes with each show telling  the stories of different comedians from around the world, while also providing insider knowledge,This type of knowledge, more often than not, was acquired not on purpose. From the different techniques and styles that these different comedians use to create their show, this podcast has only be growing in popularity mostly due to its fresh and unique narratives. From Bo Burnham to Andy Zaltzman, this podcast is a showcase of the comedy world with the ups and downs that only those who have lived in can fully understand.

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What do you do if Dallas Buyers Club Producers call you a thief?

Ben, Jack and Kris have new audio equipment!

Kris talks about the fast and the furious 7 premiere, Jack is interested in the roll out of Netflix in Australia and Ben is concerned about terrorist attacks in Melbourne on Anzac Day.

Meanwhile Dallas Buyers Club Piracy ramps up as the producers send out letters to pirates demanding reparations.

Strategies for avoiding jail time are discussed.





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Showcast Episode 96: The Movie Guys reach once again towards The Guinness World Record for most movies previewed in one Showcast as they take on "Unfriended", "Disneynature Monkey Kingdom", "Child 44", "True Story" and "Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2". Also, Paul interviews writer/actress Katie Nehra about her new film "Alex of Venice", also in theaters April 17th.


The Movie Guys are Paul Preston, Karen Volpe, Adam Witt & Bart Kias

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Harris Wittels who made his name was a long term writer for the Sarah Silverman Show and with the success that the show Parks and Recreations has seen, shares his views about the Beatles, liverpool and whole foods. Wittels who recently passed was a regular guest on comedy Bang Bang. An avid Phish fan (for whatever reason) Wittels is well known for not just having a wide knowledge base of music, but for also making a series of comedy bits for Earworlf (producers of Comedy Bang Bang) making fun of most of his favorite bands.

Comedy Bang Bang is well known for having a unique and often off-beat style of humor. While many of the topics tend to be act more of a spoof of interview shows, more so with the TV show of the same name.  Wittles ran a segment known as the Harris Foam Corner, which is most one known for the podcast entitled Analyzing Phish which is a failed attempt at trying to make his friends like the jam band Phish. The podcast which is filled with amusing banter, has Reggie Watts acting as King George in response the the many questions that arise during the discussion of the "music" of the popular jam band. 

The awkward comic from Texas, Wittels also was able to develop a stand up career. The topics that he decided to cover in his stage show was everything from satirical world observations done from a shy and awkward demeanor. While having a more home town style demeanor, Wittels sets are laden with many drug references and psychotic quirks that add a subtle level of shock value to his performances. This unique stage presence can be see in his many other ventures including his work in the band Don't Stop or We'll Die, Parks and Recreation and his string of podcasts for Comedy Bang Bang.

With the announcement of the comics passing the Twitter sphere has exploded as fans share some of the more classic bits that this comic favorite has done. The humorous unique views on music that Wittels offered on his bit on comedy bang bang offered a unique spin, regardless of how bad the band really is, that helped drive one of the more unique comedy podcasts made. While some of his best material is can be seen with his podcast work, Parks and Recreation is what is best known for.

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A recent viral video that shows a very hostile side of ESPN Britt McHenry has been the cause for a series of shaming tweets against the sportscaster. The video that was first released on Live Leak is filled with colorful language that in all honesty is a tad bit on the funny side. The humor doesn't come the mistreatment of the employee, but rather that there is in fact a person in existence that really feels they are above the rest of the world.


To truly understand the full non-sense of not just the statements that where made but also the new battle of the "tweets" that has fully broken out, you have to understand the type of journalism that she is referring to. Each day before the broadcast begins she has to wake up and make sure that the make she is wearing doesn't clash with the out fit that she is wearing. Unlike other journalists McHenry knows that the real danger comes not from rebels or war lords, but interns who may trip over the power cord for the teleprompter. Venturing out into the field is something that must be accomplished using nothing but years of interviews from the comforts of a studio.


Having a job where you just have to look good and either just read or recite lines that are given to you is a job that plenty of people would love to have. In fact this could very well be one of the very few celebrity freak-outs where there seems to be no one trying to defend the over privileged ESPN broadcaster. The level of disgust that people have been feeling over this incident has lead to people not only venting on twitter but also some went to her twitter page and added that she was able to land her first job because she had all of her teeth. It has since been taken down.

Watching the video you will find a few colorful insults placed in-between the rantings of a child who has had their hand held for the majority of their life. She literally comes off as a valley school girl who is trying to upstage one of the unpopular kids. She even restored to one of the weakest insults that anyone has come up. Resorting back to her college degree as a way to belittle the attendant not only doesn't do anything besides make you look like a clown, its also using something that most people don't use to get jobs any way. With the amount of college graduates not finding the work they need in their job fields, is that really a super great insult anymore?

Now to her credit she did issue a Tweet apologizing for the whole ordeal, and as we all know the traditional ways of making amends (taking right to the person) are too dated for a hip and upcoming sportscaster. If its up on a Twitter it has to be heartfelt and not just something her job pressured her into. After all the real victim is the valley girl whose skin began to crawl for being next to an "average worker". Even with her college degree she still struggles with having to make contact with the normal working class.


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