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john papageorgiou posted a comment on ... 5 years ago

Hi Christian,Yeah, we have done tons together, Veronica is my usual cohost. If you visit the inpapasbasement.com site and click through the episodes, you should find her on about 50% of them.

john papageorgiou added a new comment in blog The Greatest Podcast You've Ne... 5 years ago

Christian, thanks so much for the kind words! The setup is indeed one I'm proud of, though it isn't mine. But it's a pro grade studio I get time in so I try not to look a gift horse in the mouth As for Veronica, I suppose there is a bit of a Moonlig

Before I start, thanks to Phil Ranta for the great site he's given us all. What a great last name for talk radio, dammit. I'm here to jerk my dick a little (I wish I had enough to jerk a lot) about the Papa's Basement podcast (feed located at http:// ...