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WWF VHS WrestleMania Game Gets Jerked (2/16/12)


The jerks bust out the old VCR and play the WWF Wrestlemania VHS Game!  It was made between Wrestlemania IV and V and it's nearly impossible to play. Marc stalks Disney characters, Hulk Hogan takes on the Honky Tonk Man, Andre the Giant is clearly drunk, Steve works on a big important Hollywood project, the crew watches some awesome 80's wrestler clips, a woman announcer existed at one time, and Hogan takes Harley Race out!

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John Morrison Interview Pt. 2


Pro Wrestling Superstar John Morrison joins the show to talk about the WWE, a mishap live on Raw with Charlie Haas and Lillian Garcia, how Tae Kwon Do helped (and hurt) his skills, and John busts out his Drew McIntyre impression. Plus the guys discuss what Jesse 'The Body" Ventura knows about The Rock and Osama Bin Laden, WWE jobs has another exciting opening, Ultimate Warrior turns his website into wrestling's Amercian Idol, and Hulk Hogan's electrical weiner is runnin' wild...

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Recent Comments
Neil Edwards
Yet another great show from the hilarious Curtain Jerks good going guys.
Saturday, 11 February 2012 01:40
Michele Villery
Loved the interview!!!! John is a riot!!!! Great stuff Curtain Jerks! ... Read More
Thursday, 16 February 2012 23:24
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John Morrison and Tommy Dreamer Interview Pt. 1


WWE and ECW Superstars John Morrison and Tommy Dreamer join us  to discuss getting free rides from fans on the road, cabbies who love Beulah McGillicutty's Playboy/Penthouse pics, hitting the gym with John Cena, wrestling Kevin Steen, and why Tommy Dreamer is a self described "whore". Plus Undertaker returns to Raw in a terrifying new wig and confronts Triple H, TMZ thought Kharma was 9 months pregnant at the Royal Rumble (?!), Jim Ross' secret plan for a Mick Foley match on Alcatraz, and somebody finally calls Brodus Clay's momma! 

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Recent Comments
Phil Ranta
Tommy Dreamer is a hilarious dude. Side note: I looked up the Playboy picture that he talked about in the podcast and his descrip... Read More
Friday, 03 February 2012 01:46
Michele Villery
Hahaha Tommy is hilarious!!!!! Great job Curtain Jerks!! (Got a new fan!)... Read More
Thursday, 16 February 2012 23:25
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The Royal Rumble? #Sauceit! (1/26/12)


WWE Raw GM John Laurinaitis gets a fax from 1997, Hulk Hogan and Troy Aikman want to rent you a waterbed, no one understands a Royal Rumble with every superstar eligible to enter for "the first time in history", JR's is tougher than a government mule (#Sauceit!), The Rock encourages Hawaiian children to skip school, Batsita and Bobby Lashley in a dream match, and will Vince McMahon be played by Ashton Kutcher in the Chris Benoit movie?

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Air Spice (1/19/12)


Find out the shocking true story behind former WWE Tag Team Champs Evan Borne and Kofi Kingston crashing and burning as Air Boom, plus Kurt Angle loves TNA and Jim Ross, Hulk Hogan finally returns to the UK with Impact Wrestling and a tack in his mouth, Stephanie McMahon and Triple H take sides in Team Edward vs. Team Jacob, and Dixie Carter trades Ric Flair for a 1989 VHS copy of WWF King of the Ring.

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