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New YouTube channel with Members of Curtain Jerks & Sports Sports Sports Podcast!

CPN fans and Video Game Nerds Rejoice!

Scott & Steve from Curtain Jerks and Phil from Sports Sports Sports Podcast teamed up to make a video game YouTube channel called NoExtraLife! Check out Scott doing the world's awesomest knock out in UFC Undisputed 3 and show us some subscriber love!



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Phil's Monday Podcast Pick - 10-24-11

Hello Comedy Podcast Fans and People in the Occupy This Website Movement,

That's right, people!  Take the the street and destroy the 1% of America who does not enjoy comedy so the other 99% can whet our whetters with the succulent sounds of comedy podcasts.  So make an ironic sign!  Grow an ironic mustache!  And check out this non-ironically funny Phil's Monday Podcast Pick!

Today's PMPP:  Thrilling Adventure Hour - #44: Amelia Earhart, Fearless Flier, "Vive Le Reich?"

Remember the days of sitting around the radio with the family and listening to some good old fashioned serials?  Of course not.  Everyone who would remember that died long ago.  And those who didn't wish they did.  Regardless, "Thrilling Adventure Hour" takes the radio play and mixes in a hearty bucket-full of absurdity with a dash of hilarious old-timey jargon.  The show is recorded during their live stage show at the Largo theater, and recently, the podcast was wisely picked up by the Nerdist podcast network.  Along with a cast of spot-on hilarious voice actors, they also feature a who's-who of the LA improv, sketch, and stand up comedy scene as guest stars, including Paul F. Tompkins, Andy Daly, and Craig Cackowski (of "possibly the greatest improvisor on Earth" fame).

The show is written by the sufficiently absurdly named Acker & Blacker.  The episodes range from fantastical tales of true historical figures, to gun-slinging cowboy tales, to Captain Laserbeam's adventures in space, all from a early 20th century lens.  The episodes are dripping with innocence, playfulness, and possibly the best writing on any podcast I have ever heard.


Top 3 Episode Highlights:

- Andy Daly's German accent

- "Hi, Hitler!"

- "C'mon guards...let's kill a tank."


See you next Monday!

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Phil's Monday Podcast Pick - 10-17-11

Hello Comedy Podcast Fans and the TV Critic Who Thinks 'Whitney' is "Shocking and Hilarious,"

It's fall TV premiere time and I've watched them all!  That one about the two people in a wacky relationship.  That one about those friends.  That one about the baby.  The one about the larger family.  And especially the one where the two people in a wacky relationship have a baby and their friends and larger family are CRAZY!  In other words, thank you for breaking away to read.  I know.  It's not easy.  But soon you can shut that brain back off, because you'll be listening to Phil's Monday Podcast Pick!

Today's PMPP:  On Cinema - Episode 2: The Shining

The average comedy fan may not know what to make of Tim Heidecker.  His work on 'Tim and Eric's Awesome Show' and 'Tom Goes to the Mayor' purposefully avoids punchlines, clear comedic situations, format, and comfortable cadences in speech.  I like to think that Tim's comedy is either very evolved, proving that the only way to keep comedy nerds on their toes is through the rejection of both context and meaning, or he is insane and will someday eat a baby.  I assume the former, but only because I believe eating a baby would be too conventional for him.

In his new podcast On Cinema, Tim and Gregg Turkington discuss popular movies from yesteryear by willfully avoiding any specifics of the movie, not doing any research, and leaving listeners to wonder if they've even seen the films they're reviewing.  Not to try to rationalize the mind of Tim, but I believe the series is a commentary of the sloppy state of independent podcasting.  Despite no knowledge of the films and with no strong opinions, they still subject the listener to three minutes of waffling about obvious, general facts about the film.  Is it a brilliant parody or further proof that Tim Heidecker's brain completely melted out of his nose?  I can't answer that with any certainty.  But I still find this podcast hilarious.


Top 3 Episode Highlights:

- I guess you could call it a horror movie.

- It was very well made.  Especially for the time I think.

- What can you say about 'The Shining', you know?


See you next Monday!

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Phil's Monday Podcast Pick - 8-29-11

Hello Comedy Podcast Fans and Internet Robots Visiting Random Sites to Plant Dangerous Code Into Porn Videos!

As the CEO of Comedy Podcast Network, podcast creator, podcast fan, and sexual late-bloomer, one of the most common questions I get is, "What are you listening to?"  To answer this question without having to answer anyone directly (I fear intimacy), I have decided to start:

Phil's Monday Podcast Pick!

So check in here every Monday where I will talk about an episode of something I like right now.  Hopefully this will make Garfield change his mind about Mondays.

Today's PMPP:  Comedy Bang Bang: The Best of 2010

Image from http://www.earwolf.comFor comedy podcast fans, picking "Comedy Bang Bang" (formerly "Comedy Death Ray Radio") as one of your favorite shows is like saying your favorite band is the Beatles or your favorite sexual position is "The Beetle."  Regardless, it's too damn good not to mention.  Host Scott Aukerman (Mr. Show, IFC) weaves comedian interviews, improvisational games, music, and hilarious character segments into an hour(-ish) of pure delight.  And he clearly keeps good company, as his guest list is a who's-who of indy and mainstream comedy darlings, including Paul F. Tompkins, Thomas Lennon, Nick Kroll, Andy Daly, Andy Richter, Andy Samburg, and, more than likely, 3 or 4 more funny guys named Andy.  

I have chosen the Best of 2010 episode because it has a great sampling of character segments for the first time CBB listener.  There is so much joy to be had when listening to a capable comedian delving as deep into a character as they can, surprising even themselves as they learn their own history (Spoiler alert: The Cake Boss got his ability to see the future by getting bitten by a cake bug).


Top 3 Episode Highlights:

- Paul F. Tompkins as John C. Reilly in an acting competition with Jon Hamm.

- Brett Gelman's hilarious 'short' story iBrain (which may be the hardest I've ever laughed at a podcast).

- Bill Cosby Bukowski's Jell-oem "Who's the Most Fuckable Huxtable"


Enjoy and I'll see you next Monday!

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Summerslam with "Curtain Jerks"

Today is the big day!  Comedy Podcast Network is going to Summerslam in LA with the boys of "Curtain Jerks" to see which one of them gets arrested first.

If you're going, keep your eye out for a group of idiots wearing "Curtain Jerks" t-shirts and handing out demo CDs.  Those will be the homeless people they hired to promote the show, who are also graduates of Steve's acting school.

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