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The Fort Podcast In The Earwolf Challenge


Congratulations to Comedy Podcast Network's own "The Fort Podcast" for being selected to be a part of the Earwolf Challenge!  

This reality show-style audio competition involves ten of the best independent podcasts duking it out for a year long contract with one of the funniest channels on the interweb, Earwolf!  

Please follow the link above and comment and vote in support of The Fort, and while you're on the site, check out some of our other favorite Earwolf shows, Comedy Bang Bang and Mike Detective!

In other exciting CPN news, we have been working for the past few months on a huge overhaul on the site, including community features that will allow podcasts to upload their own podcasts and automatically create iTunes feeds, communicate with fans, and start your own CPN blog!

I just realized this post has been greatly over-utilizing the exclamation point!  But I'm also yelling these words as I'm typing them, so I feel it's justified!!!  Thank you for your continued support of the Comedy Podcast Network!!!!

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CPN is Changing!

Hello CPNers and CPNettes!

You may have noticed that the site went away for a second, then came back in a bit of a shell.  We're working on putting together a big, beautiful system that will involve more interaction between podcasts and fans, automatic feed generation, free blogs, and more!  Stay tuned as new updates will be coming out faster than you can say a reasonably long passage from the Bible.



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