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10 Questions With Scott Aukerman


Scott Aukerman is a comedian, actor, writer, producer, and director. He co-founded the Earwolf podcast network, and hosts the network’s hit podcast “Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast”. An Orange, CA native, Aukerman is a former writer and performer on Bob Odenkirk and David Cross’ iconic program, “Mr. Show with Bob and David”. He produces the successful live comedy show, “Comedy Bang Bang”, which performs weekly at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre and has featured such prominent comedians as Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt, and Bob Odenkirk. Aukerman also executive produces the interview series “Between Two Ferns” with Zack Galafianakis on the website Funny or Die. His podcast airs weekly.




  1. What was the weirdest thing to happen on the set of “Mr. Show…”?


I remember one day where, because we were filming several different parts of different sketches at one location, I stepped onto set and there were Tibetan monks, donkeys, and people dressed as Hitler everywhere.  That was a very typical "Hollywood" day, but viewed through the Mr. Show filter.




  1. What initially drew you to podcasting?


Being cooped up as a writer all day, I originally just wanted to do something fun where I got to perform a little bit.  Little did I know that it would lead to me getting my own TV show.  If I had tried through normal channels to get a TV show, I don't think it ever would have happened.  But the reason I keep doing it is because there are no rules - no one is telling me what to put out or what jokes to keep but myself.  It's very freeing.




  1. Who has been your most interesting Comedy Bang Bang: The Podcast subject, and why?


I don't really care how interesting they are... That said, I enjoy guests with whom I have a nice, breezy rapport.  Like Jason Mantzoukas or Ben Schwartz.  Guests who make it easy on me so I don't have to work so hard.




  1. Given your background as a writer, which do you enjoy more - being in front of the camera, or behind the scenes?


I think it's more satisfying to write something that turns out really well - that said, acting on the show has been very rewarding.  But I think it's probably the most rewarding to be involved in every part of the creative process, like I have on the Comedy Bang! Bang! TV show.




  1. How, in your opinion, has the explosion of podcasting influenced the way people experience comedy?


It's easier than ever to hear your favorite comedians - people who didn't live in major markets used to have to memorize one or two albums from anyone they liked.  Now they have a glut of material to sift through.  That said, podcasts are meant to be somewhat ephemeral, so there's something to be said for a really well-crafted comedy album.




  1. What was the most important lesson you learned starting Earwolf?


Don't hire 20-year-olds!




  1. Who is your biggest comedy icon?


I literally got into comedy because of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross... but growing up, Bob Hope was my idol.  I like to think what I do is a cross between Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner, Andy Kaufman, and David Letterman.




  1. Which podcast is the most fun to guest-star on?


I love being on Jimmy Pardo's "Never Not Funny."  Being on that show gave me the confidence that I could be relatively amusing in an impromptu setting.  Those guys have such a great rapport and I fit right in.




  1. How did you become involved with Funny or Die?


We put up the first "Between Two Ferns" video kind of as a lark - we didn't know what else to do with it.  It was just kind of sitting on our computers.  Little did I know my videos would be voted "Die" on for years to come.




  1. What is your favorite pizza topping?


Gotta go with the classic "cheese."  Without it, it's more like bread!








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