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TOC #051: The Tape Dispenser Incident

This week TOC Pod HQ is officially moving, Travis threatens to bludgeon Brandi to death with a tape dispenser, Brandi gets a ticket and Travis wants a cold drank. 


Tiny Odd Conversations Theme Song (feat. Eric The Announcer)

Got To Move by CAKE

Great Cop by Fugazi

In The Street by Big Star

direct download http://traffic.libsyn.com/tocpod/TOC_Episode_051.mp3

streaming at tocpod.com

Tiny Odd Conversations

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Epic Rant Radio: Exercising Our Right To Broadcast

Greetings CPN fans,

My name is Christian Villere and I run a podcast called "Epic Rant Radio." As a radio intern at a local station my first year in college, I found myself frustrated. I only got to do a few things: screen phone calls, run errands, and create a piece of show content. I was super excited to start, and ready to quit by the third week. The only reason I didn't was my love of radio. 

Not until one random day at the gym, when my buddy suggested doing a podcast, did I ever seriously consider creating a radio show I hosted. One week later, "Epic Rant Radio" was born.

My partner and I have recorded 28 episodes to date, and look to record many more in the following year. We hit on everything from the injustice of local water district policies to the stupidity of the NBA lockout to funny stories about our lives. Most of time we try to make each other laugh, and in the process, make our audience laugh.

We hope our brand of fun-loving comedy and passion for radio comes through in our broadcasts. Our podcasts are available on Stitcher and iTunes. You can also find us at www.epicrantradio.com.

If you like laughing with your buddies, you'll like Epic Rant Radio.



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Game Of Throws (5/31/12)


WWE '13 is announced on Raw and C.M. Punk is on the cover, Lord Tensai is pulled from tv, Ryback beats up middle school kids, Jillian Hall and Stone Cold Steve Austin are destined to be together, Scott got Don West the deal of a lifetime, Bully Ray doesn't know what anyone in TNA is talking about, Booker T talks about how tough you gotta be to make love to Mae Young, your #jerktweets get answered including, "Who do you want to see inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame?", and The Iron Shiek humbles everyone by telling them why Hacksaw Jim Duggan would've made the greatest world champion. 

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The Thursday Evening Movie Club - Shawshank Redemption

The Panel convenes to discuss one of Brett's favorite movies.  Getting everyone to the table though, proves difficult as there's an empty chair..  The panelists for the week are Mel Evans, Brett Lyons, Jason Chin and hosted by Jeff Griggs.

The Thursday Evening Movie Club is a function of Aphasia Presents Something Podcast, A long form improv group based out of Chicago Illinois.

Each week the panelist get together to discuss American Film Institute's 100 Greatest Movies Ever Made.





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The Jump Off - #QUICKIES - May 31, 2012 (Man Serves Genitals For Breakfast, DUI w/ Zebra & Parrot, Anger Robs Happiness, Underwear Mask Wearing Robber, Nudist Thief, Full Size Fish Farm In Apartment)

Happy Thursday! Lets Jump Off into #QUICKIES with That Dude Named Dave, JD and Blaksmith leading the way. Your Fucked Up News aka F.U.N. this week includes a man who cut off his own genitals and sold them for $250 bucks a plate, an Iowa man who got pulled over for a DUI and police discovered he had a zebra and a parrot in the car as well, how having an anger streak can steal your happiness, a robber who used his own tighty whities to rob a store, A nudist thief and a man who had a full size fish farm in his tiny apartment. Those stories and more on this weeks #QUICKIES presented by #TEAMJUMPOFF!!! Jonesing for more Jump Off??? Search for our fan page on Facebook, follow each of us on Twitter: @JumpOffPodcast, @TheJumpOff_JD, @DaveJumpOff, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., listen to the #QUICKIES podcast Thursdays on iTunes and Podomatic.com (all of our shows are on iTunes and Stitcher as well) and ChronicCast.Blogspot.com and on your mobile device via the Stitcher Radio app. Check out our #JUMPOFFSPORTS show each Wednesday. Also listen to our #SUPERSUNDAYSHOW every Sunday from 8pm to 10pm CST on LIVE from Jump Off Studios and streamed at our official site www.thejumpoffpodcast.com! Dont forget to check out weekly blogs from R. Pettiford (Reality Heights), ONE Voice (Living Inside The Outside Of The Ring) and James Perrigo (Life As I See It). Also check us out on Generation Bizzle Radio every Friday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm CST on LATalkLive.com You can always hit us up and listen/watch archives of EVERYTHING at our official site: www.thejumpoffpodcast.com THE JUMP OFF...IT ALL STARTS HERE!!!


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