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28 The Heat is On!

The Heat and the Thunder change EVERYTHING! Sketches: Jerry Sandusky Trial Jury Selection, The Heat Ruins the World, Phil Ivey interview. Weird Sports: Extreme Ironing. Make sure to subscribe on iTunes to the Sports Sports Sports Podcast and if you like the show, please rate and review!

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Vader Raw Dawg (6/14/12)


Jesse "The Body" Ventura refuses to fly, Vader returns to WWE Raw to battle Heath Slater, Scott and Steve's debate is solved from last week about if the DX Band also did Mr. McMahon's theme, Christian returns to TNA Slammiversary whether he wants to or not, "The Genius" Lanny Poffo reads a poem about the TNA Hall Of Fame, lawyers give John Cena an attitude adjustment, Jeff Hardy has the attention span of his cat Mittens, Booker T reads a Scott Steiner twitter rant, your #jerktweets get answered including "If you could be the manager of any wrestler past or present, who would it be and why?", Vince McMahon is livid over fatties, and Steve talks about the NWA CASHEW show he went to featuring Austin Draven vs John Morrison.

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The Sunday Service Presents: A Beautiful Podcast Episode 17


Step right up! Step right up!
That’s right, it’s the SSIE (The Sunday Service Interior Exhibiton)
Kevin Lee guides you through the rides, midway, freak show, agribition and so much more at the Sunday Service’s provincial state carnival.
With every ticket, you’ll get access to occult artifacts, anachronistic history, confusing electroclash concerts and a bunch of tons of stuff! You might barf!!
What you waiting for?! Get in line!

Special Guests: Mark Chavez (Pajama Men) and Andy Bush (PicnicFace)

HEY! The podcast’s been nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award!

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The Jump Off - #QUICKIES - Jun. 14, 2012 (Making Meth In Walmart, Grandma's Gone Wild, Hiding In Suitcase For Love, Shooting Friend In Leg By Request, Gambling Away College Fund, Accidently Threw Away Winning Lottery Ticket)

Whats good people!!! #TEAMJUMPOFF is back with our weekly #QUICKIES. This week, That Dude and JD discuss Cooking meth in Walmart, A grandmother who stole her grandchild's college fund, A man who had his girlfriend hide in a suitcase to show her love, A guy who asked his friend to shoot him in the leg to see what it felt like, and A woman who threw away her winning lottery ticket only to see someone else claim the money. Search for our fan page on Facebook, follow each of us on Twitter: @JumpOffPodcast, @TheJumpOff_JD, @DaveJumpOff, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., listen to the #QUICKIES podcast Thursdays on iTunes and Podomatic.com (all of our shows are on iTunes and Stitcher as well) and ChronicCast.Blogspot.com and on your mobile device via the Stitcher Radio app. Check out our #JUMPOFFSPORTS show each Wednesday. Also listen to our #SUPERSUNDAYSHOW every Sunday from 8pm to 10pm CST on LIVE from Jump Off Studios and streamed at our official site www.thejumpoffpodcast.com! Dont forget to check out weekly blogs from R. Pettiford (Reality Heights), ONE Voice (Living Inside The Outside Of The Ring) and James Perrigo (Life As I See It). Also check us out on Generation Bizzle Radio every Friday from 6:30pm to 8:30pm CST on LATalkLive.com You can always hit us up and listen/watch archives of EVERYTHING at our official site: www.thejumpoffpodcast.com THE JUMP OFF...IT ALL STARTS HERE!!!


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Living the Dream Ep. 38 Texas Rangers Director of Entertainment Mike Cruz

Mike worked his way up from part time replay operator for the Frisco Rough Riders to now sitting at the Ballpark at Arlington. He's the head guy behind the video board and all the cool stuff you see when you're at a game. As part of the organization he even got a ring last year when the Texas Rangers won the AL Championship. A nice guy with great advice and stories to tell. Hosted by Rich Baker. For more info go to facebook.com/livingthedreampodcast. Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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