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EPIC RANT ROUNDS: Erin Andrews vs. Michelle Beadle

Debating what matters. Who would you choose between Erin Andrews and Michelle Beadle? We try to answer that question and possibly more.


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Earl Screwed Brett? (6/28/12)


"The Funkasaurus" Brodus Clay's momma talks about her son's first loss on Raw, Comedy Podcast Network gets their numbers crunched by Jack Swagger, WWE Network gets delayed to 2013, Booker T reads his Fave Five, your #jerktweets get answered including "What is the most useless or obscure piece of wrestling trivia you know?", Earl Hebner has a potty mouth, Ric Flair has a one hour Broadway with his wife and John Cena gets bullied by his. Tweet Mick Foley @realMickFoley and tell Mick you want to hear him on the podcast and tweet Chyna @ChynaChyna9 to have her come on the podcast so the Jerks and Chyna can call Jennifer Nelson on the air to get her dog back!

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10 Questions With Marc Maron

Marc Maron is a stand-up comic, radio and television personality, and host of the popular podcast "WTF?". A veteran of the New York alternative comedy scene, Maron has also made frequent appearances on programs such as The Late Show with David Letterman, Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien, on which he performed more times than any other comedian. He had his own one-man off-Broadway show, Jerusalem Syndrome, in 2000, which was later released as a book. Maron has been the host of several politically-themed shows for the Air America network, and began recording "WTF?" out of his garage in 2009. It was awarded "Best Comedy Podcast" at the 2012 Comedy Central podcast awards.



  1. What made you first want to create a podcast?



  1. Which have been some of your favorite WTF episodes, and why?

I like all of them for different reasons. Every one has moments that I would have never expected.


  1. When did the “cat ranch” first come into being?

I bought the house in 2004. I had two cats. One died. Got another and then rescued two more. Then strays started to hang out. It felt like a cat ranch.


  1. What originally inspired you to become a comedian?

A childhood love of comedians.


  1. What’s the best pastry or baked good a fan has brought to one of your shows?

There’s really been so many. Most baked goods are pretty good on some level.


  1. Is it difficult to maintain sobriety while touring?

I’ve been sober for almost 13 years. I really don’t think about drinking anymore. So, no.


  1. What’s the most disturbing Marc Maron dream a fan has told you about?

They’re all equally disturbing as they are flattering.


  1. Do you think the growth of podcasting has significantly changed the comedy scene?

It has for me. 3 years ago I couldn’t get work. Now I can sell out certain places.


  1. What’s your favorite neurosis?

The binging part of the eating disorder.


  1. Any plans to leave the garage again soon?

I don’t live in there. So, yeah.

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29 Sandusky Bloopers

Jerry Sandusky's time as America's Rollercoast comes to an end! Sketches: Kings Stanley Cup Victory Interviews, Conference Fan Reactions to the Four Team Playoffs, 2012 Olympics Update Watch Countdown Countdown. Weird Sports: Cardboard Tube Fighting League. Make sure to subscribe on iTunes to the Sports Sports Sports Podcast and if you like the show, please rate and review!

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Ep. 39 Bowling for Soup front of house engineer Derrick McDonald

Derrick got a job during college working for the band Flickerstick and never looked back. Currently he travels around the world with Bowling for Soup handling all of their audio tech needs. He lives in Fort Worth, Texas but his job has taken him all over the country, Europe, and Asia. Hear his stories of how fun it is to live the 'rock and roll' lifestyle. Hosted by Rich Baker. For more info go to facebook.com/livingthedreampodcast. Email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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