Friday, April 18, 2014
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The NHL Playoffs are upon us, so what better time to tell my Hockey story.  Even if you don't like the sport, you'll like this.

Give me five minute and i'll make you chuckle.


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UConn wins two NCAA basketball tournaments in one month!

News News News: University of Connecticut Wins the March Madness Tournament, The Women's UConn Basketball Team Also Wins the NCAA Tournament.

Sketches: Part Owner of the Dodgers Francis Guggenheim Relates to the Fans.

Weird Sportsmen: Mike Tyson (Part 2).

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Episode Fifty-Five – Evan Kell

In this very special episode, Doug welcomes Skeletor and an Old Man into the studio for one of the weirdest shows we’ve ever done. Does Skeletor make a carrot cake? How about raps? Do those happen? Does the ghost of John Wayne show up? Does Doug call Skeletor “He-Man” several times? Is there an eight year-old autistic child there? The answer to all these questions is “yes!”

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Tossik C*ck - The Pad Penis Controversy

Play by Play:

A special report concerning a recent tweet by Pad wherein he shared a picture of his penis. GET THE NSFW PICTURE BY CLICKING HERE.

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Shane Hartline, actor/comedian, creator and star of On Your Mark is the special guest on the podcast this week. Some of the topics discussed with Shane include how Sting needs to prepare for his match against The Undertaker, the origin of On Your Mark and what wrestling pay-per-view do you show a lady on a date. Plus, Hulk Hogan reminds us that we all need the WWE Network, Paul Heyman's ponytail is the hottest new free agent, Jack Swagger is auditioning for the biggest role in his career, and New Orleans fortune teller Jebediah Moonlight reveals the outcome to all the matches at WWE WrestleMania XXX.

Every Monday and Thursday watch a new Wrestler Pronunciation Manual with your favorite Curtain Jerks "guests" on Email us your embarrassing stories meeting pro wrestlers at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Listen to Curtain Jerks on on Stitcher and on iTunes. Subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on iTunes too. Tell your friends about Curtain Jerks! Check out our archives to hear actual interviews with Rockstar Spud, Alex Shane, J.J. Dillon, John Morrison, Tommy Dreamer, and Heath Slater!

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